onsdag 17 april 2013

A place for a sane humanity

Everywhere I look these days, my eyes seem to meet injustice. Some of the injustice is due to malicious intent, and some simply due to indifference. Without stressing the point, I believe most people upon thoroughly inspecting the current state of affairs at large and at small (so to speak) would come to agree. But, of course, I might be mistaken in my belief that at the bottom of it all, most people are decent.

Perhaps, I need to express myself and what the purpose of my writing here is: it is to answer a question. The question is: "Is it possible for humanity to create and live in a society that allows for prosperity, equality, truth and justice?" Today, I believe, truly, we live in a time where it would be possible to live morally and responsibly, but that such modes of existence at large have been drowned out by the proverbial storm of shit that very much is the current state of affairs.

I do not know where to begin or where to stop when it comes to complaining about what is wrong with the world today. It would be a futile task, at best, and as such, I much rather devote myself to thinking about the opposite: how can a "right" world be created? A sane world where humanity is at its essence, where we once more strive for higher ideals and the pursuit of truth, beauty and happiness; where true tolerance and morals are taught and lived by? Is there such a place today, perhaps akin to ancient Athens? Can we today create new states? A new city state of like-minded people who want reason, ethics and humanity to be the guiding torches? Or am I alone in such ponderings?

I for one would very much like that there was this alternative. A haven for mind, body and soul. A place where reason and honour mattered, where how you conducted yourself mattered the most and where humanity was cared for, nurtured and allowed to grow into the best possible form. I would like to live there, in this Polis, as we could call it, where we live together: a land and place for the people, by the people and of the people - for real and to leave a lasting legacy. A place where truly great human beings can be fostered. For as I view it today, there is a dire lack of such places on earth today.

Grimly, the ground is rapdily shrinking where one can truly stand and say "this is for human beings, and not for the few but for all, and for the benefit of that which is good in humans, in accordance with nature, with reason, with truth, with a sane conscience and with a right to be proud of once accomplishments". It shall not be a place where your worth is measured in money, nor where might makes right. It is not a matter of blind obedience, neither of wanton abandon to excess and luxury; no it shall be a garden for the refinement of the whole human. A place where profit and production has little place; where craft and technology is for the purpose of creating for humans a better world, not worse. It shall honour the earth and not destroy it and it shall not be possible for thieves to steal all wealth of the land and claim right through various complexities. Inventions and patents are free and open, for the benefit and betterment of humanity. It is a culture of righteous sharing, and righteous contribution to the Polis.

I want to learn from the ancients and find like-minded and wonder: is it possible today, in this day and age, to create a new, more evolved mode of civilisation, that is truly moral and right? Anyone else interested in such an endeavour?